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在9月7日,由和讯网主办的《2018她能量POWER SPEECH·全球女性创新峰会》上,IDEO中国区运营总监陶艾琳作为演讲嘉宾,和大家分享了她在创新旅途上的三个小伙伴。


EventsTsinghua University, IDEO

Lead a Creative China 2030

Lead a Creative China 2030 is a year-long creative leadership program aimed at nurturing executives whose aspiration is to transform China’s economy. First of its kind, the program equips participants with creative tools and mindsets including design thinking, creative leadership and business innovation required to lead and navigate this significant change.

Offered by world-leading design company, IDEO and esteemed academic institution, Tsinghua University through its PBC School of Finance and Academy of Arts & Design, participants benefit not only from these organisations’ combined repertoire of design and business insights and expertise, participants also benefit from access to their global network of pedigree contacts.

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近日,IDEO首席执行官蒂姆•布朗(Tim Brown)在北京接受FT中文网专访。在采访中他谈到很多传统企业败在将自己禁锢于一个行业中,没有跟随客户需求而动,而企业真正需要做的是弄清楚用户需要的究竟是什么,然后思考如何满足这种需求。