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Hello, I’m Tricia Wang


Tricia was consumer insight expert-in-residence. She brought new ways of research and methods of synthesising to project teams. She also introduced new contacts and opportunities to IDEO, including collaboration with Deng Fei, a prominent social activist dedicated to improving life in rural China.

Tricia is a global technology ethnographer and co-founder of Constellate Data, a consultancy that provides research and training services to organization that use data to understand people. With more than 15 years of experience working with designers, engineers, and scientists, she has a particular interest in designing human-centered systems. She advises corporations and startups on using Thick Data--quantitative, ethnographic research methods that uncover emotions, stories, and meaning--to improve strategy, policy, products, and services. Organisations she has worked with include IDEO, P&G, Nokia, GE, Kickstarter, the United Nations and NASA.