IDEO China Young Talent Program - Summer 2023

Shanghai, China

In a nutshell:

IDEO Shanghai is offering a summer internship for young talents who want to explore the exciting world of unlocking innovation through design. We will provide you with a rapid guided learning experience that enables you to practice, experiment with, and master a variety of skills. Our people, our process, and our design-led projects will inspire you to imagine new possibilities for your career. Our internship program is 11 weeks long, and will begin on June 9th, 2023.

Once here you will:

Get your hands dirty

The program is centered around fast-paced projects at IDEO. You may work on a project to Define the value system of wellness resort products; Build an office chair brand that meets the office needs of the new era from 0 to 1; or even join hands with Huazhu Group to update and upgrade the client APP to make technological innovation more warm. You will be expected to contribute along the entire design thinking process.

Engage a creative network

We believe that young talents are the most inspired when they are surrounded by people that could act as role models. You will meet a variety of talented individuals from the IDEO creative network, and have the chance to broaden your perspective by speaking with designers who come from diverse backgrounds. Click here to learn more about our work space in Shanghai. 

Learn, reflect, and shine

As a part of the program, you will have several mentors and guides to help you along your journey. We will provide a safe space for you to test out personal projects that showcase your passion and creativity, and share our personal experiences and insights on the IDEO culture, skill development, and potential career paths.

What does IDEO offer you?

IDEO is a place unlike any other. It’s a place where you can solve diverse, complex challenges for our clients, alongside thoughtful, intelligent individuals who lead with curiosity, empathy, and optimism. Sure we work hard, but we also intentionally craft moments that allow our community to pause, connect, and reflect. We encourage our community to bring their whole selves to work, respect the need for work-life balance, and allow for autonomy in the design process and your career.

Relevant experience and mindset:

A current young working professional/undergraduate/graduate student; Any major is welcomed to apply!

While we got our start as an industrial design firm, IDEO now prides itself on recruiting talents from a variety of fields to form our interdisciplinary teams. Don’t be shy if you are not from a typical ‘design’ background! We are excited to see both your craft and your personality through your resume, cover letter, and answer to the application questions!

Prepare to bring your whole self to work

We want to be inspired by you! You are someone who compels, even challenges us to look at the world through different lenses. If you have any unique skills, experiences, or points of view, please let us know! IDEOers are more than just designers, we are also documentarians, drummers, and stand-up comedians.

Passionate about design thinking

We are looking for students who understand the fundamentals of our methodology, and who are passionate about applying human-centered design to real-life challenges. Regardless of whether your background is in design, social sciences, literature, or finance, you should have a strong interest in using your skills to drive social and business innovation in China.

A great team player

We celebrate the strength of the collective rather than the individual; a fundamental factor that makes IDEO unique is having interdisciplinary teams on each project, and valuing each team member’s experience and insights every step of the way. We are expecting to see that you are a story-teller and a listener, an idea-generator and an executor, a leader and a collaborator. Show us how you have made others successful in the past.

  • Fluent Mandarin and English speaker
  • Unrestricted right to work in China

Application requirements and instructions:

Fill out this questionnaire: https://jinshuju.net/f/IwVVTE, in which you would input your basic information, attach your resume and portfolio

The deadline for the online application submission is May 8th 2023. If you pass the first round of screening, you will be receiving an invitation from us by May 19th, to join Open Day on May 26th, a one-day immersive experience at IDEO Shanghai that would help us get to know each other better. Within a week after Open Day, we would be sending out offers to candidates that would be invited to join the YTP Summer Program starting on June 9th. 

We look forward to hearing from you!



IDEO is an equal opportunity employer; applicants are considered for all roles without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, veteran or military status, unfavorable military discharge, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.




将您的联系方式、简历和求职信发送至 chinacareers@ideo.com,如果我们找到合适的职位,我们将与您联系!